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MileApp is a highly versatile logistics platform, built to scale

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What is MileApp?

MileApp is an end-to-end logistics platform that can be customized to fit into any vertical, from manufacturing to grocery deliveries.

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Optimize your operation

  • Digitize and streamline your operation with the use of mobile application for operation

  • Plan operations with AI-based optimization

Craft a tailored solution for your business

MileApp is a highly modular logistics platform that takes care of your operation

Route Optimization

Plan the most efficient routes for your pickup and deliveries

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Load Optimization

Get more done by utilizing cargo spaces effectively

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Shipment Tracking

Get a clear picture of the location of the shipments

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Worker Monitoring

Get a snapshot of any worker’s performance

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Warehouse Management

Manage your multi-warehouse operations via a single platform

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Data Forecasting

Let our Machine Learning algorithm takes control of your data

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MileApp covers your logistics from end to end

Our logistics-focused products are made to efficiently streamline business operations

Manage your worker on a real-time basis

Cut down planning time by distributing tasks automatically.

  • Manage every customer effortlessly with a custom tariff model.

  • Ensure SLAs are filled in a real-time basis with near real-time dashboards.

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Manage your worker on a real-time basis

Monitor your multi-warehouse operation via a single platform. Create a transparent operation.

  • Every vital data flows through our dashboard to ensure transparent and error-free operation.

  • Utilize QR and barcode to create a foolproof tracking system that improves security.

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Centralize your operations into one platform

Track every movement of your package, from label printing to delivery.

  • Create a shipping label with a QR code to track every movement.

  • Manage your tariffs and zoning to create transparent & uniform pricing.


“MileApp responsif dan akomodatif terhadap kebutuhan-kebutuhan Sayurbox sehingga perencanaan dan pelaksanaan pengiriman jadi lebih efektif dan efisien.”

Logistics Manager
Briliandaru M. Pribadi


“JNE memercayakan infrastruktur operasinya pada MileApp untuk memastikan keakuratan dan keamanan pengiriman jutaan paket tiap harinya.”

Strategic Mangement Division Head
Ridhatulah Hambalillah

“MileApp membantu route planning dan penjadwalan pengiriman. Mudah, rapi, dan efisien. Tim MileApp juga kooperatif dan responsif terhadap kami.”

Logistics Manager
Herbert Khel