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Make your customer happy with faster delivery

MileApp provides AI-based features that can significantly streamline your logistics from planning, tracking, and reporting.

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Plan the most efficient routes for your drivers

Let our system calculate the perfect routes for your drivers to increase efficiency and reduce cost

  • Use distance or vehicle capacity to create the best routings.

  • Use multiple configurable constraints such as working hours, odd/even number, customer handling duration, etc.

Print your own shipping label with QR tracking

Customize a QR shipping label with your logo on it to easily track each shipment throughout the delivery

  • Use smartphones to track and record every movement of your shipments.

  • Customize the label with any information required to fit your business operation.

Digital work order & proof of delivery

Collect any necessary data to validate your courier’s work to increase security and transparency

  • Record any kind of data as proof of delivery e.g. photo, e-signature, timestamp, and geolocation.

  • Export all the collected data as a report.

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