Optimize your logistics operation from end-to-end

Our warehouse and transport management system can cover all of your logistics needs.

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Digital work order and proof delivery

Our mobile app replaces the pen-and-paper work order and proof of delivery

  • Distribute all work orders in real-time to every person in charge via our integrated mobile app.

  • Customize the digital workflow to fit better with your business operation.

Manage your warehouse with ease

Digitize your warehouse operation from inbound to outbound with automation and optimization

  • Use our digital work order via mobile app for the worker to do picking, packing, and shipping.

  • Oversee your multi-warehouse and inventory via our dashboard.

Plan the most efficient routes for your drivers

Let our system calculate the perfect routes for your drivers to increase efficiency and reduce cost

  • Use distance or vehicle capacity to create the best routings.

  • Use multiple configurable constraints such as working hours, odd/even number, customer handling duration, etc.

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