Route Optimization

Improve your customer experience with faster delivery

Calculate the best routes, whether to provide reliable ETAs or get through a multi-stop delivery route in the most efficient way.

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Cluster your customers to the nearest hub

Maximize customer satisfaction by locating the nearest hub for faster delivery

  • Translates the actual routes into a visual map by automatically zone the customers based on their addresses and zip codes.

  • Automate your planning and maximize efficiency to speed up the delivery.

Use various constraints to configure the optimization

Configure all requirements to find the best practice of route optimization for more saving time and cost

  • Set your constraints in an easy way by customizing the time, distance, and vehicle settings.

  • Better visualization and simplify the route order.

Take multiple trips to maximize the utilization of each vehicle

Get more efficient by taking multiple trips on one go

  • Get the best multiple trip routes with automated planning.

  • Easy to read orders with real-time route modification.

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