Load Optimization

Maximize your fleet utilization and increase efficiency

Create the optimal load planning to maximize your vehicle utilization and increase trip efficiency.

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Visualize how the goods should be loaded

Our system will guide the loader through the process

  • Configure factors simultaneously, such as pickup and delivery locations, weight, delivery dates, etc.

  • Get the visualized step by step guide to load the goods with the fewer truck needed as the result.

Use multi-trip to maximize vehicle utilization

MileApp is able to calculate multi-trip routes for a limited number of vehicles

  • Get the best multiple trip routes with automated planning.

  • Easy to read orders with real time route modification.

Plan the most efficient routes for your drivers

Let our system calculate the perfect routes for your drivers to increase efficiency and reduce cost

  • Use distance or vehicle capacity to create the best routings.

  • Use multiple configurable constraints such as working hours, odd/even number, customer handling duration, etc.

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