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Give your team the best tools to manage field service and plan routes for leaner operation and lesser error.

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tasks optimized


tasks optimized

What is MileApp?

MileApp is the best route optimization solutions that can help businesses with managing field service and route distribution. There is a free plan available for smaller business please try it now

One stop solution to manage the whole field operation

Customize the best management tool and oversee the entire operation via a dedicated dashboard

Customizable Engine

Talk to our expert and design a fitting engines that fits your field operation perfectly

Management Dashboard

We can provide a real-time analytics dashboard for you to oversee the whole operation

Easy Integration

Connect MileApp to your ERP, finance app, or any software to expand its functionality
Benefit of MileApp

Why MileApp?

MileApp is a route optimization and field service management solutions that can be customized to every industry. Reduce manual effort and increase productivity up to 20%.

MileApp plans dynamic routes while considering various real-life constraints like visit time, order type, customer priority, and other business requirements.
Create your own worker app to record any vital data that is required for analytics purposes.
Plan the best routes for your team and track their progress and position throughout the day.
Export your operation data to CSV or JSON to create necessary report that your business requires.

JNE entrusts its operational infrastructure to MileApp to ensure the accuracy and security of the millions of packages sent every day.

Ridhatulah Hambalillah, Strategic Management Division Head, JNE

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